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AMBER B1 Pro, 5kg payload, 7DoF AI Planning Robot Arm

AMBER B1 Pro, 5kg payload, 7DoF AI Planning Robot Arm

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- 5kg Payload
- Repeatability ±0.02mm
- Collaborative Robotic arm
- AMBER Robot Studio
+UDP Protocol SDK

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Important: We don't have refund option once the robotic arm  is on production.

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Bionic Adaptive Precision Control Based On High Torque Density Motors.

The bionic adaptive force control comes from our branded DC servo motor + high standard encoder, mechanical equipment to bring reliable accuracy and high torque with small torque fluctuation of multistage structure.

The 1st Commercial Actuator Supporting Standard Ethernet

AMBER BI runs on 12V ~ 60V C and communicates using standard 100Mbps Ethernet, that's easy to integrate and develop new applications in all robotic projects. The engineers even needn't know anything about all the conventional protocols like CAN/EtherCAT, that are complicated

All-In-One Proprioceptive Servo

Each joint of AMBER B7 is proprietary AlOS (AlI-In-One Servo) that organically incorporates a brushless servo, a high torque density outer rotor motor, a high-precision Harmonic Drive@ reducer,and encoders into a compact size as 1/10 that of normal servo systems. AIOS shows advances of size and power and makes it accessible for different tasks.

Modular Design

AMBER B1's modular design provides greater structural possibility in the robot arm motions and means more room for secondary development driven by different purposes. Each actuator can be independently modified, replaced, or exchanged with another or between different systems.

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