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Calibration Board combo for AI Visual Module

Calibration Board combo for AI Visual Module

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High-precision calibration board  for AI Visual Module.
Design for Amber Robotic Arm series with mount accessory to Megnetic Quick Connector.
The native calibration code is included in Master Control Unit when you order AI Visual Module.

Material: Alumina, non-reflective surface optical float glass
Key Features:
High precision processing technology, low thermal expansion coefficient, high precision 
Precision calibration tool for field of view
Three-dimensional image measurement, three-dimensional reverse engineering, three-dimensional matching, three-dimensional reconstitution are primarily data captured by the calibration software.
To correct lens distortion, you must determine the conversion relationship between physical size and pixel, determine the space object, and establish the interrelationship between the points on the surface of the 3D geometry and the corresponding points in the image. For camera imaging models, precise measurements, the lens itself distortion is inevitable. Calibration is used to improve performance in high-precision measuring and testing applications to achieve satisfactory accuracy.

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