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Pre-order Lucid ONE Pro, 1.5Kg Payload AI Planning Robot Arm

Pre-order Lucid ONE Pro, 1.5Kg Payload AI Planning Robot Arm

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  • Light-weight
  • Hybrid (Position/Force) Control
  • AI Visual & Tracjectory planning
  • Out-of-Box

 AMBER is unlocking a new era for intuitive control, robotic technology with affordable, lightweight and Zero-Code robotic arm. By drastically reducing the costs and technical barriers to entry, AMBER L1 is the best choice to enable beginners, experienced developers or companies to embrace robot intelligence for the future.

We have taken simple operation and easy-to-use as our goal, and we hope to lower the threshold for using the robotic arm, that's why we called Zero-Code.

With AMBER AI intuitive control, you don't even have to think about the robot. Just squeeze the controller and place it exactly where you want.

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Open-box to use

Amber Lucid-1 integrates the structural verification of motors, drives, reducers and manipulators, and does not require the background of the complicated underlying technologies. Very portable, easy to deploy anywhere.

Dead-simple control 

AI intuitive control benefits from  the latest AI visual ranging and Inertial measurement technology. Using this AI visual, intuitive technology along with AMBER L1’s motion auto-correction for more precise movements, you never have to reorient yourself, just follow your intuitive flash ideas, AMBER knows what you’re looking forward.  

Zero-code deployment with drag to teach, visual cognition & gesture control, trajectory auto-correction.

Remote control with 3D web base visualization

3D Visualized joint and Cartesian control over LAN/Internet

Support common language programming

For developers, no need to learn a new programming language,  Lucid-1 support any programming language by UDP protocol.

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AMBER Robotics, Speeding up the robot Research and Impelement.

Everyone can make Robot